What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?: Although over 300,000 persons from 10 countries benefit from this humanitarian relief established in the 1990s, the program is now facing TERMINATION, stripping our communities of legal status and tearing livelihoods apart. UndocuBlack Network teamed up with the TPS Alliance / Alianza TPS National Day Laborer Organizing Network Central American Resource Center (CARECEN-LA) to break it all down. We have to urge congress to pressure DHS for 1. extension of country protections and 2.a permanent solution. Will you help? Sign the petition here at: #ProtectTPS #SaveTPS #TPSforAll #UndocuBlack


What is TPS? Video

Mobilization In Washington D.C

Over 300,000 people are at risk of losing their TPS (Temporary Protected Status), two weeks ago, TPS Holders organized a national mobilization in Washington D.C to advocate to #SaveTPS and defend their right to remain with their families in the U.S. Following the decision to end TPS for Nicaragua we must urge Congress create a permanent solution for TPS holders and ask DHS for an 18-month extension for all! Will you help? Sign the petition here at: TPS Alliance / Alianza TPS


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