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November 6th 2017


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Los Angeles, CA – Today, acting secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke has “terminated” Temporary Protected Status [TPS] for around 5,300 Nicaragua citing an improvement of in country conditions. Additionally, they have delayed making a decision for Honduras triggering an automatic 6-month extension for nearly 86,000 TPS holders stating that they need to do further research about on-the ground conditions in the country to make a final decision. 

A Press Conference will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6th at 10:00 am at CARECEN- LA offices [2845 W. 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005]

WHAT: Press Conference

WHERE: CARECEN- LA [2845 W. 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005]

WHEN: Tuesday, November 7th 10 am PST

WHO: TPS LA Coalition (UNITE HERE Local 11, SEIU-WW, LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, BAJI, Haitian Bridge, CARECEN, NDLON, CHIRLA, growing list…)

Members and leaders of the LA TPS Coalition issued the following statements:

Guisell Martinez, TPS Holder from Honduras & member of SEIU USWW said: "Like many Americans, I've had to work hard to support my family. My family migrated north from Honduras escaping violence and poverty that was exacerbated by hurricane Mitch. After 19 years working as a janitor, I’ve built a life with a husband and my beautiful children. My fate remains in limbo. I am really worried because we just spent so much money on the renewal and if I lose TPS, I would lose my job and so would my husband. Losing TPS would separate me from my oldest sons and my two youngest girls who all have U.S. Citizenship. I am really worried and scared."

Martha Arevalo, Executive Director of CARECEN-LA: "Other than the exclusion of immigrants that are non-white, there is no logical reason to cancel this program. Nicaraguans have lived in this country lawfully for almost 20 years, they are the most thoroughly vetted class of immigrants, have massive economic contributions, direct ties to communities in the United States and yet they will be left out in the cold. People with TPS and the immigrant community deserve better.  It’s not fair for families to continue to suffer limbo and an uncertain existence.”  

Max Arias, Executive Director of SEIU Local 99:

“As a child of war and conflict in my native El Salvador, I am deeply concerned about the impact of this decision on our families and communities. Ending the TPS program will shatter families who escaped war and disaster and who worked hard to rebuild their lives in this country. It will have reverberating effects on their children, whose stability and security will suddenly be cast into doubt. As education workers, SEIU Local 99 members know that this decision will continue to promote the fear and uncertainty that, sadly, already echoes through our schools and communities. We must do better.”

Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of NDLON: “This cruel and racist move to eliminate TPS doesn’t come as a surprise to us. This administration intends to bring down the number of non-white immigrants in this country and this is an effort towards that end. It is still uncertain what will happen to all the TPSianos, but one thing is for sure - we will not go silently. Were going to fight until our last breath. If the TPSianos go back into the shadows we will not comply. We will not open the doors and we will be sure to exercise our rights to protect our loved ones.”

Angelica Salas, CHIRLA Executive Director: “The decision to chop the roots off thousands and thousands of legal Nicaraguan families living in the United States and protected by TPS is disastrous, cruel, and un-American.  President Trump is not just ending important life-saving programs such as DACA and TPS, it is destroying dreams, livelihoods, and families.  Congress must act quickly to protect those sent back to living in the shadows by approving a permanent solution now.” 

David Huerta, President of SEIU-USWW:

“Today’s hateful, anti-immigrant decision is another reminder from the Trump administration and the Republican majority in Congress that regardless if you are here with legal status or a DACA recipient or a child with disabilities we as Latinos, as immigrants are not welcome in America. TPS recipients are working refugees who simply want to work and provide for their children and families, and who for years have greatly contributed to our economy after barely surviving the horrors of a natural disaster, civil war, or some other threat on their lives. To make a callous decision, after in some cases 30 years to revoke temporary protective status, without any alternative will result in the separation of children from their parents, turning our backs on refugees and refusing to allow people to earn a living is absolutely un-American. Yet the Trump Administration pushes on with this senseless agenda at every opportunity. SEIU’s resilience to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters – regardless of their refugee and immigration status – only grows. We will continue to fight against fear and hate, and work to protect and defend the rights of all individuals and their rightful place in the United State of America.”\

Maria Elena DurazoGeneral Vice President on UNITE HERE

“Ending TPS for Nicaraguan recipients or any others will forcibly tear apart American families, taking TPS recipients who have lived in the U.S. for over twenty years from their American-born children, from their jobs, and from their homes.”
Maria Elena Durazo General Vice President on UNITE HERE




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