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Immigrant Communities Must Unite & Fight Back Amidst a Growing Deportation Machine


Nationwide –– Today, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, Nielsen, announced that Temporary Protected Status for over 57,000 Hondurans will be terminated and given an 18-month delay. Honduras has faced political unrest  serious repression, and extreme levels of human rights violations for years. The crime rate is skyrocketing and the quality of life is one of the lowest in Central America. Stripping Honduran TPS holders of legal status is cruel and inhumane. Hondurans have been gravely affected by the conflict in Central America- it’s important to note that 80% of the people that made up the Central American Refugee “Via Crucis” Caravan are from Honduras.

In response, the National TPS alliance issued the following statement.

“An evil, xenophobic rage fuels this administration and unfortunately we, as TPS holders, are one of the many groups forced to pay the price. The Trump administration continues its campaign of hate against TPS holders, and all immigrants. This time, it has targeted Hondurans. While their goal is to instill terror and fear, the truth is: we are survivors. Our community has faced economic and political repression for decades, we’ve been displaced by intrusive foreign policies and war. Yet. we have not given up, nor will we.”

The National TPS Alliance, its allies, and the community will continue to fight for all TPS holders and will continue to join all immigrants in defiance of any and all efforts to expel us from our homes, our families, and our communities.



Armando Carmona, armando@ndlon.org, 323-250-3018,

Martin Pineda, mpineda@carecen-la.org, 213-712-4022

Silvana Lezama, silvanadlezama@gmail.com,  424- 261-4390


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