The National TPS Alliance on TPS Termination for El Salvador

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January 8, 2018

The National TPS Alliance on TPS Termination for El Salvador “Congress is Complicit for Failure to Create Pathway to Permanent Residency”

Los Angeles, CA // New York, NY // Washington, DC –– On Monday, The Department of Homeland Security issued a decision to terminate the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program for over 260,000 nationals of El Salvador who have lived in the U.S. with government authorization for over 17 years.

The National TPS Alliance condemns the DHS decision and the Trump administration’s endorsement to take away legal status of hundreds of thousands of long-time immigrants. While their actions are unsurprising, the inaction of congress and other political leaders is much more devastating. Due to its failure to pass legislation allowing for permanent residency for TPS holders, Congress is also complicit.

Salvadorans are one of the largest immigrant groups in the United States, and it is clear that the struggle to Save TPS has only been growing, and will only continue becoming stronger. As TPS holders, this is a reminder that our lives are not bargaining chips, our struggle is far from over, and we will not allow ourselves to be subject to such systemic mistreatment in a country weve come to call our own.

TPS Holder and TPS family members of the National TPS Alliance issued the following statements:

Benjamin Zepeda – teenage US Citizen son of TPS holders

“We still have more than a year to keep on fighting, and I believe we still have a chance. I have already been fighting to Save TPS alongside with my parents and other TPS holders and their families. I’m more ready than ever to be involved in the campaign to get Permanent Residency for my parents and all other TPS holders.”

Rosa Cecilia, TPS Holder from New York

“As TPS holders, we are sure of one thing, it does not matter what decision DHS and this administration takes, we are grounded and prepared. We are grounded in the fact that we have to fight for changes that lead us to permanent residency. Our fight will only get stronger after this decision. If we’ve learned one thing is to never give up, for our children and families we are willing to keep fighting and we will do this everyday.”

Vanessa Velasco, TPS Holder from Northern California:

“It is embarrassing for this country to not even consider the real contributions our community has made for decades. Ignoring our contributions is ignoring our lived realities. And a direct attack to hundreds of thousands of US Citizen children that will grow up knowing their lives are not considered in this political theater. Our struggle is far from over, we stand strong and proud, and we will continue to fight.

Veronica Lagunas, TPS Holder from the San Fernando Valley in CA

“It’s a bad decision, but we expected it. The decision affects the mental and physical health of my children. But even if it is devastating for my family, this situation also gives me the strength to fight. We will not sit silently and await deportation. We will continue to find allies in the public. We will continue to find politicians that support Permanent Residency for TPS holders. We have no choice, and we are ready.”





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