Benefit Concert Aims to Combat Immigrant Deportations and Separation of Families


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October 22nd 2017

Contact: Armando Carmona, 323-250-3018; NDLON,

Benefit Concert Aims to Combat Immigrant Deportations and Separation of Families

TPS beneficiaries and their families build movement to protect Temporary Protected Status and push legislation for permanent residency

Washington D.C. – On Sunday evening, the National TPS Alliance hosted a benefit concert featuring Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy an influential figure in the Central American community. With a mix of ballad and protest lyrics and speeches, Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy has been a central figure in advancing and making visible issues of social justice and the rights of the immigrant community. The concert is part of a broader mobilization aimed at mobilizing the more than 300 thousand beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status in order to #ProtectTPS and make a legislative push towards permanent residency.

WHAT: #SaveTPS Benefit Concert with Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy

WHERE: Carlos Rosario School (1100 Harvard St. NW, Washington DC 20009)


WHEN: Sunday, October 22, 6:00 pm

WHO: National TPS Alliance (Alianza Nacional TPS) & allies

***Additional Events will occur throughout the week, for more info visit


On June 22 2017, TPS beneficiaries from across the United States gathered in Washington D.C. to form the National TPS Alliance (Alianza Nacional TPS in Spanish). Local and regional committees from around the country represented several countries that benefit from Temporary Protected Status (TPS), including Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Nepal. They also gathered to coordinate local and national advocacy efforts and discuss the shared struggles of TPS beneficiaries.

The National TPS Alliance is formed and led by TPS beneficiaries from across the country, combining advocacy efforts at a national level to save Temporary Protected Status for all beneficiaries in the short term and to devise legislation that creates a permanent path to residency for the long term.

Two recently published reports provide a brief overview of who TPS immigrants are, their social and economic activities, and how TPS has benefited their incorporation into American society. They are Temporary Protected Status in the United States: The Experiences of Honduran and Salvadoran Immigrants, by Dr. Cecilia Menjivar; and A Statistical and Demographic Profile of the US Temporary Protected Status Populations from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti, by Robert Warren and Donald Kerwin of the Center for Migration Studies.


The reports can be found at:


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Twitter: @TPS_Alliance

Instagram: @tps_alliance



***For press inquiries or if your organization would like to participate contact Armando Carmona



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